AlcoCalcTM is an exclusive Rudolph feature that saves time and improves consistency. For instance, when blending 180 Proof alcohol down to a target of 80 proof, you would normally use the tables from the TTB gauging manual to tell you how much water to add to reach your targeted Proof.

Rudolph has incorporated these tables into its software and is the only manufacturer offering dilution solutions through its graphical user interface. Simply measure your alcohol for current Proof, enter a target Proof and the DDM 2911 PLUS will calculate the weight or volume of water necessary to reach your target Proof. Only Rudolph offers built in dilution tables and methods for common distillery functions to improve speed, accuracy and work efficiency.


The official TTB method to determine final % ABV of obscured alcohol products is by distillation. There are however problems with distillations.

The main problem with distillations is they are difficult to perform and if you send them out of house, it takes too long to get results back from the lab.

The AlcoTest®-RI comes in different models for different alcohol products. For measuring % ABV in wine, select the DDM 2910 based AlcoTest®-RI. For higher %ABV products such as Distilled Spirits and Fortified wines, select the DDM 2911 PLUS based model of AlcoTest®-RI. The DDM2911 PLUS  will provide you with a TTB approved Density Meter as part of the system.