Monitor “Distiller’s Beer” to maximize % ABV yield. When you are preparing your mash many factors are in play that will determine your final % ABV yield including; potential alcohol of your ingredients, the yeast you are using, temperature, and time. Your goal is to maximize the yield of your mash by making adjustments to your fermentation process which in turn helps control your material cost. Stopping the fermentation at a fixed % ABV by volume also adds another quality check to your overall production process.

When you select the recipe or mash bill for your alcohol beverage you are ultimately looking to turn the sugars in the components of the mash into alcohol. Your mash has a certain total potential alcohol yield that can be measured and then reached by altering things such as time, temperature, yeast and other factors. The same mash could produce a fermented “Distillers Beer” of 6% alcohol by volume or perhaps as much as 12%. As you monitor this yield and takes steps to increase the yield you are thereby decreasing your raw materials costs.