Lock In Quality With Additional Benefits

Measure RI, BRIX, Specific Gravity and Density of incoming flavors and additives. When making flavored alcohol product sugars, flavors and colors are added to ethanol and water to create a finished beverage.

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Save Time With AlcoCalc®

AlcoCalc® is an exclusive Rudolph feature that saves time and improves consistency. For instance, when blending 180 Proof alcohol down to a target of 80 proof, you would normally use the tables from the TTB gauging manual to tell you how much water to add to reach your targeted Proof.

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Boost Fermentation Yield

Monitor “Distiller’s Beer” to maximize % ABV yield. When you are preparing your mash many factors are in play that will determine your final % ABV yield including; potential alcohol of your ingredients, the yeast you are using, temperature, and time. Your goal is to maximize the yield of your mash by making adjustments to your fermentation process which in turn helps control your material cost. Stopping the fermentation at a fixed % ABV by volume also adds another quality check to your overall production process.

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Measuring for TTB Compliance

The DDM2911 PLUS portion of the AlcoTest-RITM system is a TTB approved Density Meter accurate to .01% alcohol by volume and it is used by the TTB themselves! Having a TTB approved density meter in your distillery lab allows you to make many important measurements through the distillation process as well as making a finished alcohol beverage with a known and compliant % ABV.

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Eliminating Most Distillations

For most spirit blending and production operations, simply load a sample and receive % ABV in less than 3 minutes. Even obscured samples are easy to measure while blending down to label value, saving you hours of time each month on time consuming lab distillations. Using both density and refractive index measurements the AlcoTest-RITM can calculate % ABV accurately even with the presence of flavorings, colorings, additives and barrel aging.

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Versatile % ABV Testing Solution for Spirit, wine and Alcoholic Beverage Producers.

It is time to introduce a new level of Quality Control to your wine and spirit manufacturing process. The AlcoTest-RITM  allows you to improve quality by maintaining % ABV consistency, and improve compliance by adding a TTB compliant solution to your wine or spirit testing. The AlcoTest-RITM offers all the needed testing capability for compliance but also has additional capabilities to test your products for consistency.

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