The AlcoTest®-RI Allows Alcoholic Beverage Producers To Lock In Quality With Additional Benefits

Measure RI, BRIX, Specific Gravity and Density of incoming flavors and additives. When making flavored alcohol product sugars, flavors and colors are added to ethanol and water to create a finished beverage.

Adding the same volume of the various components to each production run would have you believe your product is consistent and in specification but what if the flavorings themselves are out of specification? The AlcoTest®-RI allows you to measure key flavor quality indicators such as density, refractive index, and BRIX. This can be done when the materials are delivered so you can monitor your suppliers for quality and keep your finished product tasting exactly the same from batch to batch.

AlcoTest®-RI can also measure Corrected BRIX which is the actual BRIX corrected for obscuration caused by the alcohol. Refractometers by themselves cannot measure BRIX accurately when alcohol is present. The measurement must be corrected to give you the actual BRIX measurement – thus the term “Corrected BRIX”. Using AlcoTest®-RI as a final test of your finished beverage gives you a Corrected BRIX value which is an excellent benchmark of residual sugars. Maintaining a stable Corrected BRIX value ensures your product’s taste is consistent from batch to batch.