It is time to introduce a new level of Quality Control to your wine and spirit manufacturing process. The AlcoTest®-RI  allows you to improve quality by maintaining % ABV consistency, and improve compliance by adding a TTB compliant solution to your wine or spirit testing. The AlcoTest®-RI offers all the needed testing capability for compliance but also has additional capabilities to test your products for consistency. The end goal might be to improve quality and taste or to ensure that your alcohol testing solution is accurate enough for the inspecting taxation authority. The TTB or your regulatory agency wants to see an accurate % ABV label value and the customer just wants consistent taste, meanwhile you and your staff need something that is simple, fast and easy to operate.

The Rudolph AlcoTest®-RI is the solution that satisfies all three issues and helps save valuable time, as well as eliminating costly errors, even when operated by a wide variety of users with varying skill levels.

In 3 minutes, AlcoTest®-RI will measure an accurate % ABV value in white wine, red wine, Alcopops, Port, obscured and unobscured spirits. 
In the default AlcoTest measurement mode, an operator can get answers back to the production manager in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to employ a skilled chemist, and there is no distillation step.

The AlcoTest®-RI’s embedded Windows interface allows a direct connection to a network server or the results can be stored locally. There is no glassware to break, no hot liquid in the lab. It’s a quick 3-5 minute test and no sample preparation is required. Unlike traditional NIR solutions where values are subject to drift, air bubbles, and sample variance, the AlcoTest measurement is a density and BRIX measurement that has shown to correlate perfectly with testing labs like ETS and BDAS using more time intensive and expensive methodologies such as GC.

For unobscured and obscured spirits, use the AlcoTest®-RI in the TTB approved Density Meter only mode, distill the sample, and submit the results to the government inspector. For determining % ABV label value you have done it their way and government requirements are thus fully satisfied.  For factory compliance and every day testing, skip distillation and measure in AlcoTest®-RI mode.